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  1. Interview with Clint Boon and Craig Gill from Inspiral Carpets. The CD includes the answers to the 58 questions. The questions themselves are not heard on the CD. The booklet includes a reduced transcript, featuring the 58 questions, along with the beginning of each answer. Besides the booklet there's no .
  2. The Inspiral Carpets would have been a great band to have at a rowdy college fraternity party, with their bouncy retro organ driven tunes, frequent changes of pace, and catchy lyrics, sounding almost like a British version of the Bs/5(30).
  3. I would have given this album five stars (especially since they have some great singles in the first half of the album, most notably This Is How It Feels, She Comes In The Fall, Please Be Cruel, and Commercial Reign), however Inspiral Carpets seem to get a case of same-song-itis about 3/4 of the way through the album (you'll know when).3/5(7).
  4. "Devil Hopping" is one you can skip unless you're a diehard Inspiral Carpets fan. Stick with the far superior "Revenge of the Goldfish," and the band's lively retro-sounding debut album, "Life." One gimmick: it's the bands fourth album, and it's exactly 44 minutes and 44 seconds long. Kind of neat, but doesn't make the music any better/5(9).
  5. Inspiral Carpets – interview. By. that you do have the older audience coming back to see us and take a trip down memory lane but because music is cyclical, you’ve probably a twenty year gap, and then things come back round. “So, you’ve got kids now not that I can call them kids, that’s a bit patronising you’ve got your Author: Sarah Lay.
  6. Inspiral Carpets are currently on tour performing their debut album Life, with additional songs from their back catalogue and two new songs. David Brown caught up with Clint, Steve and Graham in Edinburgh on the second night of the tour for a chat about why they chose to tour Life and their plans for the future.
  7. The Stone Roses, Charlatans, Verve, Ride, Catherine Wheel -- "Revenge of the Goldfish," which is the Inspiral Carpets at their best, stands up as among the better albums from the British groups of this era. No other posts band has used a retro-sounding organ so effectively as Inspiral /5(23).
  8. The Kar-Pets are a tribute band, paying homage to the organ-crazed pop smashes of Inspiral Carpets. Fronted by the former voice and creative force of the Inspiral Carpets himself, Tom Hingley, ‘May Contain Nuts’ is a live multimedia DVD/CD filmed live at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge in April of last year.

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